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Frequently Asked Questions

We set the deal up for you at these special discounted prices and then you deal direct with the supplier for complete peace of mind!

Why So Cheap, What's The Catch?
Because there are no showroom overheads the prices can be offered at a very low level. The car itself comes straight to you from the car supplier with all the usual warranties etc - and you deal DIRECT for total safety! We set up the deal for you at the agreed price - no haggling, no worries, no hidden costs and you pay NOTHING to us!

Are These Cars Pre-Registered?
No. Unless otherwise clearly stated, they are all brand new, 1st registered to you. Full 3 year warranty, 1 year roadside cover etc.

Can I Order A Very Specific Car?
Yes you can order a car with additional options you like although it make take weeks or from certain manufacturers even months to arrive. The only exception to ordering a specific car is where the price quoted is marked on the site as a special short term discount which may only apply to cars that can be registered this month and in that case it would be a question of trying to find a suitable ready built car for you that is available within that time (although we can sometimes order a car with the larger discount - please ask).

Who Do I Pay?
You pay NOTHING to us!
You pay the supplying car dealer directly for total safety (and we only use the best, most reliable suppliers!).
Most people go for a credit card deposit and balance by debit card when they receive the car, but other payment options are also available.

How Do I Pay?
Normally a £500 deposit by credit card etc, balance by debit card or bank transfer.
(NOTE: Many internet customers prefer to pay by credit card for the extra peace of mind provided by the Credit Consumer Act section 75. Remember that you only have to pay the initial deposit by credit card to achieve this protection for the full total amount regardless of how the balance is paid - read more)

Is VAT Included On The Car Prices?
Yes our prices are always quoted as fully 'on the road'. That means the VAT is included as well as number plates, DVLA 1st reg fee and 12 months road tax and you can even apply for the 7 day free insurance to help with the change over if you like!
NOTHING else to add apart from any extras you may want such as metallic paint or delivery to your door - either professionally driven or trailered at cost price.

Can I Collect The Car?
Most deals include free delivery.

What About Servicing & Warranty?
The manufacturer warranty is valid at any of their UK franchised dealerships.
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Cash or Finance?
You can pay 'cash' or organise your own finance.

Part Exchange?
We can take part exchange at trade value. You are usually best selling your car privately of course although there are sometimes some extra part exchange bonus offers.

What If A Fault Develops On The Car?
The dealer will of course investigate and take appropriate action although for most things you should be covered for three years with the warranty.

What If The Car Is Damaged On Delivery?
Well it's an extremely rare occurrence because the last thing the dealer wants is a returned car, so you can rest assured it will be delivered with utmost care! But if anything did go wrong then of course the supplying dealer would rectify the problem either locally or brought back to them.

How Long Is Delivery Time?
If the car is in stock then it can just be 7-10 days but even if it has to be factory ordered it can be 2 or 3 months although some manufacturers are traditionally a lot longer.

Can I Get A Test Drive First?
Not with these internet deals. The prices are kept low because there are no showroom overheads like test drive facilities etc.

But Am I Safe Buying Through The Internet?
We take no money ourselves so that you can deal directly with the dealership for absolute safety. Payment is usually a £200 to £500 deposit to order (use a credit card to also get the powerful protection of the Credit Consumer Act). You also have the protection of the Consumer Contract Regulations.


Please read the following terms and conditions. These terms are in conjunction with the terms of any agreement from the appropriate vehicle supplier or finance provider and do not affect your statutory rights.

1. Service
The www.lowpricecars.co.uk (the WebSite) is owned and operated by Gleneve (we) and provides:

a) A vehicle pricing and availability service
b) A vehicle purchasing service for customers (You) wishing to buy a vehicle from a third party supplier.

We endeavour to secure the best vehicle price and availability from the appropriate car dealer and supply you the customer with that information. If the information is satisfactory the customer can then use our Service.

2. Fees
We charge no fees to the customer. We receive a small commission from the supplying dealer on completion of the deal with the customer.

3. Finance Services
We do not provide any finance arrangements.

4. The WebSite
We prohibit the use of the WebSite for any illegal or unlawful purpose.

The WebSite is designed for use by those at least 18 years old and a UK resident with a UK driving licence.

We endeavour to provide accurate information on the site but cannot be held liable for any mistakes due to human error so ask all customers to not rely fully on any information provided but to also verify it with the supplying dealer or ask us to verify. We will immediately correct any error reported.

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5. Customer Enquiries
The customer has the responsibility of ensuring their enquiries contain accurate requests and information and by enquiring you allow us to contact you by phone or email as appropriate and to reasonably follow up on the request to enquire if there is any further interest.

6. Personal Information
We reserve the right to require certain information in the process of your enquiry or purchase but we will fully respect your privacy and operate under the rules of the Data Protection Act. No data other than name and email is stored for longer than absolutely necessary and we will never give your details to anyone other than the supplying dealer or finance company as necessary.

8. Purchasing A Vehicle
Should you wish to proceed with an offer we will then take all of your details and pass them on to the appropriate dealership who will then contact you to confirm the deal and take a deposit. You will then be subject to their own terms and conditions, which you are advised to fully read before proceeding. If you require to alter anything whilst the vehicle is on order you can either contact us or the dealer. All payments are made directly to the dealer and we take no money at all.

9. Vehicle Delivery
We will advise you of an approximate delivery date during the enquiry process and the dealer will then give you a more accurate date when you are ready to order. We have no control over the delivery date but we will help ensure it is a reasonably appropriate and accurate one.

10. Part-Exchange
Part exchange vehicles can be accepted and a quote will be provided based on your accurate description of the car.

11. Cancellations and Refunds
As all deals are directly with the supplying dealership you will be subject to their individual terms and conditions but these will not affect your statutory rights covered by the Sale of Goods Act, Consumer Contract Regulations etc, giving you various rights including the right to cancel. We ask you to carefully read all terms and conditions provided by the supplying dealer.

12. Complaints
If you have any complaints please contact the dealer directly or call us and we will endeavour to help you achieve a satisfactory outcome to your complaint.

13. Events Beyond Our Control
The Company makes reasonable endeavors to fully comply with its Terms and Conditions although it is not accountable for a failure to do so as a result of circumstances beyond its control such as acts of god, war, civil disorder or industrial disputes.

14. Reasonably Foreseeable Losses
We act only as an agent to help you acquire a good deal with a dealership and after that your deal is entirely with the dealer should any problem arise. We take no money from you but will refund any money we have made from the deal via the dealership should it become necessary.

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Don't hesitate to give us a ring any time - we are not a car dealership and will NEVER try to sales talk you into any car!
Just friendly, no pressure information and then you can make your own mind up!

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